PhotographerMaria Pereyra Marquez
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

These photographs were taken on Aragon Beach, Oaxaca, Mexico.


There are times you seek and don’t find. There are other times you seek and find something different than expected. This is true to all spiritual paths. The photographic session where these pictures were taken was intented for a couple, but at the last minute only he showed up. I could have cancelled, but I decided to let go of it all to get in tune with what I had in front of me: a Yoga teacher, the very same one that guided me on a month course where everything was new to me, but now he was in a photographic endeavour guided by me. A sense of responsibility came over me. Duality and its union were still present from the prior preparations, yet too abstract to understand under the anew. I began taking shots. Later continued to observe him with my camera down. And then I got distracted by the sea, it was in this moment where I saw his reflection on the water. It was early morning, he was doing the salutation of the sun. We were in the seashore and the water was beneath us. I began taking shots again. This time with a clear vision that everything has a purpose. Photography is my spiritual path.