Michael Ward

CompanyBoon Ong Photography
PhotographerBoon Ong
Entry Description

Michael Ward, 55 year old, 3rd generation art model. Both his grandmother and mother were models. “The challenge of being a life model is getting old. Old models hurt holding poses that they could hold 30 years ago with ease. So I started being the new old me.” Michael said. “Every time I close my eyes, I could hear my mother and grandmother’s instructions. They taught me that there is an exchange of energy that passes between the artist and the model. I am the same as the paper, the charcoal, the paint, the brushes, the film and the camera.”

About Photographer

Boon Ong was born in Ipoh, Malaysia in 1979. Since he was 18, he has been heavily involved in performance art, contemporary dance, choreography and theater production. He got an MSc. in Pipeline Engineering from University of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne in 2003. Since then, he has travelled to various countries like Thailand, China, United States, United Kingdom, France, Amsterdam and Taiwan, exposing himself to different culture and art scene. He now lives in Calgary, Canada, where he chooses photography to express his passion to art, as well as a balance to his analytical life as an engineer. His works are mostly portrait and recently he has started working on some figurative art projects. Boon has previously won IPA2013. (http://www.boonong.com)