Favorite Things

PhotographerKim Felsher
Entry Description

These images are from a collection of photographs entitled “Favorite Things.” While creating this series, I had the special opportunity to spend time with people of all ages and backgrounds discussing what their chosen possession means to them and why – how particular emotional significance was impressed upon the item. The objects absorbed the owners' sentiment and, before the camera, emerged animated and real.

About Photographer

I was born and raised in Beaumont, Texas. After graduating from Lamar University, I spent a decade living in New York City where I worked in advertising. Upon moving to Austin, TX in 2010, I worked for the Texas House of Representatives as a documentary photographer for the 82nd legislative session. My style of photography is heavily influenced by my work experiences; I’m interested in making images that have a strong narrative in addition to being graphically engaging. For some photographs the story is complete and for others it remains mysterious and unresolved. I love that a single picture can contain the latent ability to compel us to question and, often times, reevaluate what we see.