Painting a Garden

CompanyCaleb & Gladys
PhotographerGladys Ng
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

"And she would walk through to her secret garden, painting her sunshine amidst the mist... This whisper of her fairytale shall be gone with the wind."

About Photographer

Experimental is the word to describe photographer Gladys Ng and her works. Fascinated by beautiful things since young, fashion photography is doubtlessly her calling. Since she started fashion photography in 2010, her works have been published on numerous magazines such as Harper's Bazaar, ELLE, Nuyou, Blissful Brides, Tatler and also international platforms such as Papercut, Vogue Italia's Photovogue, Uptempo, Fashion World, Designscene, Trendhunter, Neighbourhood Magazine, 831 Magazine, Viva! Ukraine to list a few. As the winner of many awards both in her own country and internationally, she has won the Harper's Bazaar x ION Fashion photography competition 2012, In the Studio Category in the Professional Photographer of the Year UK 2013, and Professional Advertising: Fashion in the prestigious International Photography Awards 2013. At the same time, she also have had the opportunity to exhibit a fashion series at the Audi Fashion Festival 2013, Harper's Bazaar @ ION and The Story of the Creatives in Long Island City, New York. Never one to bow to monotony and constantly aims to transcend boundaries, she loves to capture beauty through her art. As Alexander McQueen says, beauty can come from the strangest of places. To her, every shoot is like creating a new piece of art that is exclusive. It is not about just taking photographs, but creating fairytales.