Inside out pyramid framing

PhotographerDarren Agius
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryZejtun, Malta
Photo Date8 June 2013
Technical Infof4, 1/8000, ISO 1600
Entry Description

At the Louvre I noticed a lot of people taking shots of the pyramids from the outside. To differentiate I shot the facade of the Louvre from inside the pyramid. After finding the perfect spot and finished shooting, a number of people gathered to shoot from my position.

About Photographer

I was born in Malta in 1984. A sunny island in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea. Its war fortifications and historic architecture might have given me a good vision for composition. However, due to it’s demographics and geographic location, opportunities are very rare therefore getting to know the right people in other countries is crucial. Today, the way I see my photography is a build-up process to exhibit myself for self-relief. The camera sets my mood, and the right place enhances the emotions. I use the lens as a medium to explore architecture and other great places through composition. I travel and use available light mostly to create fine art.