Fine Art - Landscape

PhotographerSahidul Haque
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryBurdwan, India
Entry Description

I am always haunted by beauty in external forms of life and nature. My subjects are common and trivial which we usually ignore. They are drawn from reality but my endeavor is to transcend its boundary and enter into the realms of pure arts - poetry, music and dance. And my visuals do use the 'idiom' not of prose but poetry, nay music.

About Photographer

West Bengal, nay more precisely Burdwan - land, life and people is the focus of my photography. My subjects are very common rather trivial drawn from the surrounding world. But my endeavor is to transform them into work of art, a thing of beauty that is a joy for ever. Since my visuals try to transcend the external reality of life and nature I use the 'idiom' of pure arts - poetry, music and dance. My images speak more about me than I can. let them speak for me.