PhotographerPedro Pina Vasconcelos
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryBerlin, Germany
Photo Date08-2012
Technical InfoDirect photography, digital
Entry Description

Beauty from exited life. Morphosis occurs, perhaps not in the being, but in the intention of another essence,
and our essence that changes our perception. Beauty is explored not as characteristic, but as an assumption. An unprejudiced perception. It is the contradiction of perception, the 
perception of dissociated reality.

About Photographer

Born in Lisbon - Portugal - in 1980, Pedro has had an initial academic formation in management and has worked in healthcare management in Portugal and Spain. Parallel to this, he always kept in close contact with other fields, such as music, learning different instruments and schools, and studying performative arts in Teatro da Universidade Tecnica. After living in New Zealand for 2 years, driven by the need of a change of perspective he developed a special bond with travelling, photography and visual arts. Upon returning to Europe in 2009, he studied Photography in Barcelona, where he lived for 3 years and completed a 3-year photographic formation course in the Institut d’Estudis Fotografics de Catalunya (IEFC), and advanced in the elaboration of personal and collective projects both in commercial and in artistic/exhibition, interdisciplinary collaborations or venue field. His author/personal photographic expression is bonded to experimentation with different possibilities of image and perception, combining the essence of different areas, such as dance/body and landscape, which have been materialized in different collaborations in Lisbon, Barcelona, Prague, Berlin, among others. Pedro has exhibited both individually (the Kinetic Landscapes project in Barcelona, in March 2012) and collectively, in the “Europes Festival” - Barcelona 2010, and also participated in other collective exhibitions in Barcelona in 2011 and 2012. His work has also been published as divulgation and communication for events in dance and fashion, in Istanbul, Montevideo and recently New York (NY Magazine for NY Fashion Week 2013), as well as other magazine publications internationally, such as “VLNA” magazine, nr.47 2011 - in Slovak Republic / Czech Republic. Besides his individual photographic path and the co-idealization of the Homeless Kingdom Creative Platform, he develops projects collectively in Barcelona/Spain (PhosCollective). Settled in Berlin since the beginning of 2013, where he aims to expand his recent creations and establish new grounds for future projects development and collaborations between different artistic disciplines.