Tokyonese Horizons

PhotographerHidetaka Onoyama
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryAdachi-ku, Japan
Photo DateJuly 14 2013
Entry Description

As other big cities, we, people is living in Tokyo, cannot easily find natural horizons. But when I look up to the sky, I can always find the boundaries separate the sky and other. The boundaries are made by concretes of high buildings. They are our horizons. The horizons are artificial and not flat, but have unique shapes that symbolize our culture, our city and the epoch now I'm living. I believe these images can talk visually about this epoch of Tokyo and my imagination in the moments by the horizons, even in other epochs, after the my death.

About Photographer

I'm a Japanese, Tokyo based Photographer who started taking photos after the earthquake struck the Japanese Touhoku area on 11th March 2011. In the earthquake, I saw many painful visions. These visions are still remaining in my mind and are still painful after three years. I needed something to heal my mind and myself. It was Photography. Now I'm not just accept visions, but I am trying to express through my personal style with new visions.