Rene Magritte's transformation

PhotographerMaxim Dupliy
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

This project is dealing with art to photography blending theme. The idea of my project was to implement and bring to life art into photography in real way – converting Rene Magritte not trivial paintings into photography and to implement it such way that it will be more real. I chose specific painting of Rene Magritte and started to implement them . I think that such blending is necessary because we don't want to forget the joy and insights that came to us as a photographers from painting with great ideas behind them and because there was no real blending till today. The photography nowadays existing on it's own side by side to painting but without noticeable connection between them like the transformation process I propose. That way there will be more connection to the roots of both art cultures (between painting and photography) . I believe that this is a good way to show the transition from one type of art to another that was somehow missed or not shown till today. The images are: The Large Family The Lovers The Idea The Castle of the Pyrenees

About Photographer

My name is Maxim Dupliy. I was born in 1982 in Belorussia. I lived in many countries in my life (Belorussia, Cuba, Costa-Rica, Israel).I studied various courses in my life, finished Degree in Computer Science and Degree in Cognitive Science. Some time ago i decided to enter to photography world and hope it will be my last choice about my profession.I’m always (till now) seeking direction in which i will pursue. Some years ago during my computer studies I dealt with audio, mainly experimenting with electronic music (using Nuendo) and studied a little bit playing guitar and keyboards. In 2013 i realized that music is much more complex and requires much more background than photography. In 2012 , during my Cognitive science studies, i decide to switch to photography after checking what is photo impressionism. I loved to read philosophy books (Kant, Heidegger, Hegel, Nietzsche, Leibnitz and so on) and Cognitive authors (Daniel Dennett, Ned Block, Alan Turing, Gilbert Ryle, Allen Newell, Fred Dretske, Francis Crick and Christof Koch, David Chalmers, Saul Kripke, Thomas Huxley, Hilary Putnam, Noam Chomsk, David Marr, John Searle and so on). I like to think about this hard stuff like consciousness. I also like Science Fiction :I love Lem, Asimov,Ray Bradbury, Robert Heinlein, Philip K. Dick, Ted Chiang, Clifford Simak, Arthur C. Clarke, Daniel Keyes(Flowers for Algernon-genious), Robert Sheckley and so on) . I’m fan of music and movies , of course. I know much about music and like bands like Pink Floyd and all the prog and psychedelic rock,singers like “crazy” Bjork and Nina Simone,ambient (Brian Eno and so on), electronic(Infected Mushcroom and so on) and listen almost to any style until the band is one of the best. I watched all the movies that got any award(Oscar,Cannes) since 1920. One of my favorites are Blade Runner(Harrison Ford), Vanilla Sky(Tom Cruise), The English Patient(Ralph Fiennes,Juliette Binoche), Solaris, Underground(Emir Kusturica), Reconstruction, As Good As It Gets, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest(Jack Nicholson), What Dreams May Come(Robin Williams), Bicentennial Man, Dancer In The Dark, Fantozzi(Paolo Villaggio),The Square Peg(Norman Pitkin), actors like Louis de Funès and the list of the best ones goes on… Currently i’m trying to earn money as studio photographer,because i chose it as my profit field.My short term goals are to succeed in studio photography and in art projects i do periodically. My long term goal is to be one of the best photographers out there, and I have to decide what my actions will be…