The Time We Cannot Meet

PhotographerMiska Draskoczy
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryBrooklyn, United States
Photo Date2013
Technical Infodigital
Entry Description

This image is from a new series exploring themes of object-ness in photography. Photographs themselves become objects through mass production whether as personal mementos or printed on commercial objects like labels, clothing and packaging. The thing being photographed is also often reduced to an object, the fuel for terms like ‘sex object’. How do photographs influence our objectification of the world around us? I use the genre of still life in new ways to layer photographs as things, one contained inside another. Which photo is more real? Which one is more alive, which one more still?

About Photographer

Photographer and director Miska Draskoczy fell in love with cameras at age 14 and has been behind them ever since. His career has included diverse projects such as co-founding a conceptual arts organization purporting to be funded by NATO (NATOarts), directing several surreal sci-fi shorts that screened in film festivals worldwide (Fantasia Fest, Fantastic Fest, SF IndieFest, LA Shorts Fest, and many others), writing and developing a horror feature (Mister Gimp, Slamdance Screenplay semi-finalist) and creating a documentary web series about objects in people’s homes (Here’s the Thing…). His photography has been exhibited in the US and Canada and most recently earned him the Portraits 2013 Juror’s Award at the Center for Fine Art Photography and the 2013 Director’s Choice Award at the Midwest Center for Photography. Miska's urban wilderness series, Gowanus Wild, will be featured this summer in THE FENCE at Photoville in Brooklyn, NY, a three month outdoor photo exhibition attracting over one million visitors.