Immersed in Living Water

PhotographerWendy Sacks
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/Countrypittsford, United States
Photo Date2012
Technical Infopigmented Digital Print
Entry Description

Artist Statement (Abbreviated):I remembered the children who were sick and had died in my care and the children who were born and recovered, the children whom I barely had time to mourn and celebrate while working as a physician. Overwhelming feelings sealed away in my subconscious emerged...Immersed in Living Water

About Photographer

Wendy Sacks grew up surrounded by art and science. Her mother, a fabric designer and painter, instilled a fearlessness for creativity. Wendy’s father and grandfather, both physicians, exposed her to medical literature and texts at a young age which enhanced her understanding in the human condition. This combination in turn, shaped her interests and lead her to her career as a physician and then as a photographer. Wendy Sacks’s photography has received international acclaim. Published and exhibited worldwide, her work has been acquired by La Bibliotheque Nationale, Paris , France, Shijazhuang Art Museum, Hebie Provence, China, Dali Photography Museum, Yunnan Province, China, High Noon Art and Culture, Beijing, China, and private collections worldwide. Sacks is the Grand prize, first place,and merit award winner in six countries. She was most recently the first place recipient of the 2014 Kolga international photography award, Tbilisi, Georgia, the 2013 International Fine Art Grand Prix De la Découverte Award and 2 time Juror Award of Merit for that same year, Paris, France.Foto D.C. International Award Competition, First Place, Fine Art 2013, She is the recipient of the 2012 International Terry O’Neill Tag Award, London, England, Foto D.C. International Award Competition, First Place, Fine Art 2013 and an Art Laguna Prize finalist, Venice, Italy. In 2011, she was the Grand Prize winner of the 2nd Biennial International Photo Cultural Festival in Lishui, China and Photo Lucida Critical Mass finalist, Portland, Oregon. Sacks is represented by Elizabeth Houston Gallery in New York City and High Noon Art and Culture and See+ Galleries, Beijing, China.