Companybokeh monster
Photographertiffanie ragasa
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

Manual-focus-self-portrait. Taken with IR / full spectrum modified Pentax K5, Pentax A 20mm f2.8 and B+W 090 filter.

About Photographer

I am a visual person. Naturally, I considered 'Art' my closest childhood friend. On my 16th birthday, I was given Pentax Super ME by my parents, and I blissfully snapped through the years. Eventually I grew up, worked as a computer video game artist and raced motorcycles in my spare time. In 2003, a racing accident changed my life forever. Trauma, nerve damage, and a host of other complications, color every detail of my life. Camera as my crutch, I've been able to see through countless impossible moments from behind a lens. I typically use manual prime lenses, so am forced to focus. The camera lends me distance and clarity. Photography allows me to keep my sanity, by escaping my current reality. My Pentax cameras have been modified for full spectrum photography. My cameras see beyond the the surface of visible spectrum, and offer me a unique door to a hidden world.