The Administration of Fear

PhotographerMichael Krebs
Entry Description

Society is dominated by global issues such as nuclear threats, terrorism, global warming and existential fears. Through mass media events become synchronized emotions. Fear is used as a political instrument, which manifests itself in extreme security precautions and protection against possible events. How can we manage this constant fear that is anchored in the subconscious of our society? In my work I try to transform the unconscious fear that is immanent in our society by letting my photographic subjects think that they are exposed to a real threat.

About Photographer

Michael Krebs was born in Klosterneuburg/Austria in 1985 After graduating from high school, he took some time off to do a year of volunteer social work at an orphanage in Honduras. There he founded a photography class for HIV-infected kids who live in the orphanage. Giving supervision in term of technical basics and composition, Michael wanted to introduce the camera to kids as a possibility to express themselves and their surroundings in a new artistic way. The photography class resulted in exhibitions in Honduras, Vienna, Karlsruhe and Mannheim, where the photographs taken by the kids were shown. In 2008 he started to study at the College for Photography and Visual Media at the Graphische Vienna. As his final diploma project he founded together with Hanna Pribitzer Revolog. Revolog produces various kinds of „special effect“ films for 35mm photocameras and sells its products on the webshop 2010 Michael attended the Masterclass for Design at the Graphische, Vienna, where he studied the basics of graphic design and mainly focused on his photographic work. 2011 He received the Design Award of the Graphische“ for his diploma project „Surplus“. Works of the artist were exhibited at various galleries throughout Austria, including the Albertina, Vienna. Michael Krebs studies photography at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna and works as a photographer.