The Mugshoot

PhotographerLuis Alejandro Cuellar
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

Mugshots in Australia in the 20s during last century were really different from what they are now days, back in that time the criminals were portrayed as models...This shoot is inspired by that historic issue.

About Photographer

Colombian Fashion and Portrait Photographer based in Paris.  After 12 years of experience in Marketing and Sales, I started shooting with my camera what his eyes were interpreting about the world, inmediatelly I fell in love with photography and decided to become a professional in the field. Photography is for me an spiritual way to connect my soul, my eyes, history and the world around me in the exact moment when he presses the shutter. Passionate for creating tales using light to convey feelings by Immersing my essence in a concept, I just happens to make pictures. I love to take cultural, historical or political issues of real life to make the stories of my shoots.