Monsoon Light

PhotographerShabnam Sirur
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/Countrymumbai, India
Photo DateJuly 2012-2013
Entry Description

In the gated area of Filmcity in the suburb of Goregaon in Mumbai, its possible to get a glimpse of what the city may have been like before all the world class development. On a visit there during the early hours of a monsoon morning, I was rewarded with enchanting light falling like spotlights through the trees. It's hard for most to believe that these pictures are from their very own city, now mostly a concrete jungle.

About Photographer

I'm a graphic designer, creative director in advertising by profession. For over 2 decades I have been on the other side, buying works from/art directing shoots with leading commercial/fashion/ editorial photographers in India. I have studied the basics of photography in art school including darkroom processing of negatives and bromides. Over the years, I have developed a passion for shooting myself and hope to either publish/ exhibit my works in the years to come. Some of my prints are now a part of a permanent collection of a popular time share resort in India.