CompanyHannah Lipowsky
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

For falling I had the chance to work with profesional dancer Leyla de Muynck. The serie plays with the illusion of falling, the paradox of total loss of control almost perfectly displayed.

About Photographer

Hannah Lipowsky Hannah Lipowsky (1981, Seeheim-Jugenheim, Germany) studied Photography at the prestigious Lette Verein, Photo Academy of Berlin. Upon graduating she moved to Barcelona, Spain. Where after assisting for a while she began focussing on her own photography work. In her personal and commercial work, the portrait as such is strongly represented. Her curiosity in different characters, and their stories, can be seen by the variety of people she chooses to photograph. With empathy and honesty, her aim is to display the uniqueness of a personality, make photographs that are emotional but not sentimental, and real without trying to be shocking. Today Hannah lives and works in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Most recently she was selected for the GUP Publication, New Dutch Photography Talent 2013. Her portrait work has won Gold at the LPA ( London Photographic Association) portraiture competition 2013. ­Clients (selected) : La Vanguardia, Dewars, Viva, Estrella, Tomorrow Focus AG, Nike and Reebok