CompanyThe Baby
PhotographerKaren Elizabeth Baker
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

Black and white still life

About Photographer

Karen Elizabeth Baker is a photographic and video fine artist interested in aspects of contemporary culture as it impacts our social and personal interactions. Ms. Baker has spent the past 20 years establishing a successful career in various areas of fashion design. Prior to her engagement with photography and video, her most notable work has been in the field of fashion footwear, which required a heightened sense of formal design and understanding of social trends and forecasting. Born in Lawton Oklahoma, Baker traces her design esthetic, which is enlivened by color and form, to her childhood where she would sew her own clothing. As she developed an interest in photography and video, Ms. Baker studied various aspects of the genre with fine art and video photographers Roger Ballen, Shelby Lee Adams, Keith Carter, Ed Freeman and Robert Jaye. In 2008 Ms. Baker launched her first works of photography and video at her studio, designed by James F. McGlothlin, as part of the Venice Art Walk. Her debut sold out and featured The Baby, a rhetorical figure she made to comment on the current condition of life in America.