Midwest back Roads

PhotographerHenry Berry
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryChicago, United States
Entry Description

I've heard it said the real heart of America is out along her two-lane country roads, with no name but a letter or a number and I tend to agree. There's a connectedness I feel and experience along those roads that I don't find anywhere else. The buildings and barns are connected to the lives of the people who built them, and I try to honor that connection in my photographs, because I also see these old structures going by the wayside, just as the way of life of those who built them is fading into history.

About Photographer

Resume for Henry Berry 2944 N. Mont Clare Chicago, IL 60634 773-237-0991 Berry44@att.net Education -Harold Washington College: 2009-presant -Digital Photography, Digital Darkroom, Jennifer Greenburg professor -Public Art, Jeff Huebner professor -Studio Photography, Felipe Garica professor Work experience -1968-1970 Shipyard welder and Boilermaker -1970-1974 US Air Force SAC 93rd Bombardment Wing and Pacific Air Command -1974-2006 Tempel Steel Co. Custom Furniture Woodworker My work consists of black and white photography. I prefer this type of expression in my own journey for true photography. If I see color in my images it seems they do not tell my true vision of photography. I tend to look at the background as the stage for the performance and the print is the finished score much as Ansel Adams did. When photographing I stop when I see a subject of interest, then I study the subject to see if it is the right time a day to photograph it or decide I might like it better with a different light, time of date, or a different season. When looking for subject matter I have no preference as to what the subject consist since I try to be subjective in my subject, water, bridges, buildings, old things of the past seem to get my attention more than most subjects Often I will start out to photograph a certain subject and not photograph it at al but find something along the way that I see will make me stop and look.