Half of the Room

PhotographerMarina Black
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/Countrytoronto, Canada
Photo Date2012
Technical Infofine art inject prints
Entry Description

The project 'HALF OF THE ROOM' addresses the concept of Home and Homelessness with respect to issues of loss, trauma, death and hope, drawn from both personal and observational experiences. What does it mean to be “un-homed” despite still having a place others call home? It deals with the fragility of the human species and the subjective interpretations of notions of Loss and Hope. I photographed people, who had experienced loss and trauma in their lives, through the glass of the windows. These images were arranged to act as 'windows' of the room for the audience to look out while the subjects attempt to look back within. These are glimpses into people lives for the brief difficult moment that I was allowed to enter, when words were not enough.