Low Ball 2009

PhotographerBabar N. Khan
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

These images were taken at an inexpensive, student New Year's Eve ball in Toronto with a Samsung SGH-j706 digital cellphone camera. I used various overlapping built-in effects, such as different colour screens, fogging, varying the brightness/contrast, as well as external techniques such as moving the camera while taking the photo. This all contributed to a sense of unreality and a rich, simulated, low-res atmosphere saturated with the overall feeling of isolation and melancholy that pervaded the ball.

About Photographer

I’m a poet, writer, translator and photographer who grew up partly in Toronto (Canada) and partly in Paris, France. I’ve been published in various Canadian literary journals, and my first short collection of poems titled Biscuit Galaxy was released in 2012. I got into art photography a few years ago when I bought a cellphone camera that had a lot of built-in effects which I combined and superposed to create revelatory images. When I’m writing poems, I think visually, so this was a way to create materially manifest poetry. I won Honourable Mention in the 2013 IPA, and Honourable Mention in the 2014 IPA One Shot: One World competition. My photo was also exhibited in the official 2014 One Shot: One World Exhibition at MOPLA (Month of Photograpy Los Angeles).