PhotographerMia Friedrich
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

A heart impression caught and captured


i hear you set the spiral into the trembling sail into a tender wind translucent or when your lips touch it with this lavender flavor a seduction that never fails each turn burns your code onto my forehead for everyone to see you leave you don´t leave you leave whirlwind, tender little sister my branch is piercing you tree-enveloped i let you i don´t let you against the battered horizon i blow your heart you threw it after the bright summer you gave yourself completely to the giggling blueflowers in the field now - leafless and unblooded we unsettle ourselves in front of the winter gate. something like silk or gauze even my eye lid brushes along a sleeve ( a wing? only a feather in disguise? ) it was late when you stepped out of your dress into the gentle vastness when you started to peel your skin off and then your flesh bone by bone towards the end you scattered them north, west, hungry south with its mouth wide open - your smell of raspberries and honey on my fingertips for years and years to come.

About Photographer

A flowerwind still blowing, a soft scent soaring strong, yesterday is born tomorrow, everything glows.