Entry Title: "The Deep"
Name: Sjoukje van Gool , Netherlands
Category and Expertise: Other_FA|Other_N|Underwater, Non-Professional

Entry Description: These photographs are part of a series which is a visualization of the deeper perspective you gain when becoming a mother. The project was shot on Zanzibar, Tanzania.

About the Artist:

I’m doing my final exams in photography in June 2012. So I’m actually just starting. My work is mainly about my own mind, the pain, hope, chaos, beauty, doubt and energy which controls me day after day. I’m a thinker and dreamer. I’d like to think the world is a balanced and peaceful place but of course it’s nothing like that at all. Everybody struggles in his own special way. So am I, and while searching for my place in this world I take photographs of the things I wish for, I feel and are on my mind. My work is both abstract and figurative, I beleive that combining those two is the best way of representing my way of thinking.