Pop-Up War

PhotographerDagobert Hartmann
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

„Pop-Up-War – The Disneyfication of War“. In 2009, the civil war in Sri Lanka came to an end. The government forces defeated the rebel organisation Tamil Tigers. With the end of the war, a domestic tourism industry has developed in a most unpredictable manner. Busloads full of people flock to former battlegrounds to visit the remains of the war and get reenacted glimpses into the rebels’ lives. The “Disneyland" of war and horror covers a lot of strange sites: underground bunkers, submarine factories and kamikaze airplanes of the defeated rebels, who were once feared for their countrywide suicide bombings.

About Photographer

I degreed in economics at the University of Cologne. I am a marketing consultant and freelance photographer living in Germany. I received several awards and nominations at international photo competitions (such as IPA, PX3, TPOTY). My work was exhibited at the summer group show from foto8 magazine in London and at the Descubrimientos group show at Photo Espania in Madrid.