Running through the woods

PhotographerMarcello Ruvidotti
Entry Description

A work about Val Susa that I started when I took part in NO TAV movement one year and a half ago. I felt the need to step back from a stereotypical description of this struggle and focus on the landscape, dive into it and deepen its knowledge. This meant I learnt to love those places and developed the will for defending them. Understand and share the rage that calls for a uncompromising ‘no’.

About Photographer

I was born in Casorate Primo in 1991. I grew up near Milan. My passion for photography grew up during highschool . As a self-thought I learn the basis of shooting and darkroom printing. I attended a professional photography accademy in Milan, CFP Bauer. I work as a freelance photographer and video maker. My personal research is focused on relationships between people and enviroment, both in urban and natural landscapes.