Before your very eyes

PhotographerSilvia Casali
Entry Description

"Living is not running after life. To live is to breathe every single moment. Like when everything stops because there is no other solution than to stand still and wait. The real life will then unfold before your eyes." I shot this series during a long day on winter 2013 - my mother was unable to walk, lying in bed for weeks. We both discovered another dimension of our relationship, a much deeper one. She accepted me as her caretaker and I saw her as a very fragile and "frozen" human being, opposite to the strong, never-still woman I was raised by. Her bedroom and what was going on became the fulcrum of our family life - a radical change in perspective who slowed down our hectic life for weeks.

About Photographer

Silvia Casali started experimenting with photography during summer 2010, after she received her first camera as a birthday gift. She had never before been fascinated by photography, because she thought it was not that creative of a process, just a very objective representation of reality, but she soon realized she was wrong. Even though photography is not her main profession, since that very moment she is trying to practice photography almost everyday, learning a little bit of the science related to it testing her creativity and sensitivity to transform her pictures into something similar to art.