Building a sustainable community

PhotographerJeroen Akershoek
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyJeroen Akershoek
City/CountrySchiedam, Netherlands
Photo DateNovember 2012
Technical InfoMamiya C330s
Entry Description

With mounting evidence that global warming is taking place, more people around the world are taking steps to decrease harmful gases in our atmosphere and preserve the earth for future generations. Reversing the past and changing present harmful practices can be difficult in the current economic situation. Families are finding that cost and convenience determine if they still will have time and money to enjoy the benefits of their hard work after paying all the bills. In Olst, Netherlands, members of Vereniging Aardehuis, translated Earthhouse Association, are planning to build 23 cost- efficient, eco-friendly homes, called Earthships, each with their own unique design. These people and their developing homes are a working example that sacrifices for positive change can reap greater rewards in the end as they build a community that is an inspiration to others. Writer: Beth Ann Nyssen