Entry Title: "Rebel Girls. Hidden Insecurities. "
Name: TATIANA GERUSOVA , United States
Category and Expertise: Portrait, Non-Professional

Entry Description: Lauren WK, Lex Brown, Jolee Blon', Nettie Harris, Veronica Taylor

About the Artist:

"Fashion, portraits, and artistic photography are the specialty of Tatiana Gerusova, a photographer whose career has taken off in recent years to become one of the best photographers from Los Angeles, California. Of Russian origin, Gerusova began in the arts through music, where she developed her artistic sensibility which later was reflected in her photography. The images of Tatiana are characterized by their sensuality and sexy poses, commonly inspired by the pin-up girls and glamour of Hollywood‘s golden age. Her work has been internationally published, including a large number of pictures on the Website of Vogue Italy." - Fahrenheit Magazine