Reversal of Innocence

PhotographerEmma Rowan-Kelly
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

A King penguin chick from Macquarie Island. Instead of the usual cute association of penguin chicks, he seems quite sinister as he enthusiastically interrogates his parents for food, then curiously approaches me as I'm sitting down. Ironically as adults, King penguins seem to embody grace and gentle calm, quite the opposite of their chicks.

About Photographer

Sydney based photographer Emma Rowan-Kelly certainly has a passion to capture all aspects of life on earth. Having journeyed to over 95 countries and territories during the past 15 years, with many unusual locations visited like the high Arctic, Sub-Antarctic, Iran, Bhutan, Colombia, Tibet, Galapagos Islands, Cambodia, Cuba & Nepal. All signalling a courageous explorer fascinated by the path less travelled. Her favourite moments are revealed, when animals and people really express the same feelings and needs we all fundamentally share. In the vulnerability of beautiful surroundings and the visual stories that need to be told about all of these important places. We can all connect and appreciate what is wonderful about the world and why we need to take special care of it. Inspiring with positivity is a personal mantra to encourage empathy for the environment and all of those we share it with. Her best-selling exhibition in 2011 entitled "Innocent Arctic" was sponsored by National Geographic & Lindblad Expeditions and also Wentworth Travel. 35% of profits were donated to WWF Adopt a Polar Bear program. With both a fine arts and travel background and former student of Sydney Institute of Photography, she is also leading photography tours to Antarctica and other destinations in addition to planning her next solo exhibition.