Moral Morphology

PhotographerGonzaga Manso
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyGonzaga Manso
City/CountryMadrid, Spain
Entry Description

There are certain negative behaviors deeply rooted in society that we have been dragging for centuries with no variations. This series, inspired by the Flemish painting's aesthetics, is a reflection on moral decay and a social criticism focused on the most powerful classes of society. There's a wide documentation behind Moral Morphology in order to translate the Flemish aesthetics into photography and be able to convey permanence in time. We worked very intensely on the make up. Avoiding postproduction on actor's faces somehow gave me a more romantic and consistent approach to the traditional and pictorial aspect of the project.

About Photographer

My name is Gonzaga Manso. I’m a young photographer, director and director of photography. I'm passionate about images. About light. About ideas and emotion. I’m mainly focused on advertising and artistic work, being my personal projects a fundamental part of my creative development and my visual experimentation. I’ve got the pleasure to work for clients like Pepsi, Movistar, Sony and Smart, and with agencies like DDB, McCann-Erikcson, Contrapunto BBDO and TBWA. As a director of photography I’ve worked with prestigious Spanish directors such as Javier Fesser, Borja Cobeaga and Julio Medem. Being able to turn your passion into your profession is a great privilege. I'm thankful to all the people who support me and make it happen every day. Thanks.