Entry Title: "Skein"
Name: Gonzaga Manso , Spain
Category and Expertise: Other_FA, Professional

Entry Description: A reflection on human relationships and behavior. We are connected in many different ways.

About the Artist:

My name is Gonzaga Manso. I’m a young photographer, director and director of photography. I'm passionate about images. About light. About ideas and emotion. I’m mainly focused on advertising and artistic work, being my personal projects a fundamental part of my creative development and my visual experimentation. I’ve got the pleasure to work for clients like Pepsi, Movistar, Sony and Smart, and with agencies like DDB, McCann-Erikcson, Contrapunto BBDO and TBWA. As a director of photography I’ve worked with prestigious Spanish directors such as Javier Fesser, Borja Cobeaga and Julio Medem. Being able to turn your passion into your profession is a great privilege. I'm thankful to all the people who support me and make it happen every day. Thanks.