Project - Space

CompanyTomatoes Pictures
PhotographerLuke Bartholomew Tan
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

A on going project on exploring human perspective on space. In a small country like Singapore, we are always reminded of how small and vulnerable is our country. Majority of the people lives in subsidised public housing and as a multi-cultural country where we have 4 main races, Chinese as being the more pre-dominant. In this set of images, we can see how one's perspective on a common space and their belief in a subsidised public housing. With government initiative to grow the population to 6.9million by 2030, new development and infrastructure has to be catered for. Older flats or development has to be en-bloc for better usage of land. As of writing, these units are a fast disappearing scene in Singapore. While some preferred to extend their storage along the common space, others treat lit ike their extended hall and of course there are some who might want some privacy. My space, your space, who's space?