Subjective trophies

Photographerpierre abensur
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/Countryseysse, France
Photo Date2008-2013
Technical Infooriginal in 4x5 inches film
Entry Description

These are portraits of hunters posing with their taxidermised trophies on the spot where the hunt has gone. In order to accentuate a solemnity of the atmosphear, I worked with a photographic technical chamber coupled with flashes and asked the models to wear their most elegant clothes. The absence of rifle focuses attention on the mimicry between the predator and its prey. The reference to contrario of photographs of persons posing in costume in front of painted landscapes in the studios of 19th-20th century is also an element of the approach .

About Photographer

Pierre Abensur started in photography as self-taught in the 80s. Very fast, he turns his work to the humanist stories to find the intensity he is looking for. He obtains his first publications in local newspapers and magazines that will turn to regular collaborations. Beside these assignements he works on stories in foreign countries, mostly crisis and living conditions of ethnic or religious minorities. The economic difficulties that strike the print medias and photo journalism in the récent passed years encouraged him to diversify his work and turn to more intimistics photo projects.