I want my face

PhotographerAbdollah Heidari
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/Countrytehran, Iran
Photo Date2013
Technical InfoDigital Camera
Entry Description

It has been a long time that Iranian schools burn in fire, and causes death of dozens students firing 6 schools and several teachers and burning of more than 100 students since1997 On Wednesday, December 5- 2012 the largest Iranian school firing happened in a girl school in Shin Abad- a border village located in the cold region of northwestern Iran- because of the heater oil leaking. The fencing class windows were a barrier for students to get out, and this led to death of two students, burning up to 50-60% of 12 students, and burning up to 20-40% of 16 other students aging 10-11. Every month, these girls and their parents pass a 1000 km distance from their village to Tehran, they wish regain their previous face, but according to the doctors, the treatments are uncertain, yet some of them have been under facial and hand surgical restoration with regards to their medical priority .