PhotographerFederico Ciamei
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryMilano, Italy
Photo Date2013
Entry Description

Brera Academy of Fine Arts, founded in 1776 in a centuries old palace in Milan, is one of the oldest in Italy. The main courses are painting, sculpture, decoration and scenic design. Despite the cultural decline of Italy’s recent history, Brera Academy is one of the few italian academic institutions that attracts foreign students, more than 25% of them come from overseas.

About Photographer

I’m interested in working in situations where some details are deliberately left undetermined so that the final result, usually a photo, contains a certain amount of unexpected. I think it is essential to start any project without knowing exactly what the final result may be: with this process something new and interesting is more likely to happen. I love to portrait people in slightly surreal and ironic situations, working with DIY or modified equipment, or browsing around with my scooter. Selected publications and clients: NY Times Style Magazine, M le Magazine du Monde, Wired, Timberland, D La Repubblica, IODonna, L’Espresso, the Observer, Stern Magazin, Marie Claire, Geo Germany, GQ, Vanity Fair, Traveller, Monopol Magazin.