Doorways to abandoned rooms

CompanyDoerr Photodesign
PhotographerCornelia Doerr
Entry Description

Interior of building slowly being consumed by the sands of the Namib Desert in the abandoned former German diamond mining ghost town of Kolmanskop, Luederitz, Namibia

About Photographer

Cornelia Dörr is an outdoor photographer living in Chemnitz, Germany. When she bought her first camera in the beginning of the Nineties she wouldn´t have believed, that photographing would have such an impact on her later life. Her pictures are presents in exhibitions and their images have been published in European magazines, books and calendars, and she has been awarded in numerous international competitions - including the Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition. 2008, she was selected of the photographic team for the international project Wild Wonders of Europe. His images are marketed worldwide by getty images. For more information visit: