CompanyMarc Erwin Babej Photography
PhotographerMarc Erwin Babej
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

On the desert road from Sbeitla to Tozeur, Tunisia. Documentary image for the series Africanae.

About Photographer

Marc Erwin Babej is a fine art and documentary photographer who works exclusively in black-and-white. Born in Frankfurt, Germany, in 1970, he received a B.A. in history from Brown University and an M.Sc. from Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism. Marcs background in social sciences, marketing strategy, media and entertainment pervades his photographic work. Uneasy coexistences are a predominant theme: his images surface inner conflicts and, in so doing, expose seemingly contradictory beliefs. Conflict is a key means of representation a stance that embraces the viewer with one arm, while holding him at a distance with the other. Marcs image-making method calls for intensive collaboration with cast members. Members of his still-image film ensemble Mercury Theatre, feature in a variety of roles across the work. Marcs work is published regularly both in general media and in international art publications. He also writes a column about luminaries in art and documentary photography for Der Spiegel and American Photo.