Abandoned Farm, Saskatchewan Prairies, Saskatchewan, Canada

PhotographerJason Bonfield
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

An image I was looking for for 2 years, an old wooden farm that typifies the desolation of life on the Saskatchewan Prairies. I wanted to capture an iconic image of life in Saskatchewan that makes viewers feel as if they are there with me when the picture was taken. It took a combination of 25 multiple exposures and multiple images all combined to create a wide format HDR

About Photographer

I've always been interested in photography and to this day its rare I don’t have a camera with me. I still have amazing memories of my dad working in his darkroom, the smell of the chemicals, the red light and seeing those images come to life in the developing trays - amazing. So you could say it’s in my blood. Everything I've learnt was either from him or my own experiences. I learned the ‘what’ and ‘how’ in the days of manual film cameras over many years and long before being able to rely on taking non stop pictures with a digital camera in the hope that one or two will be ok to use. I have, through trial and error developed and honed my capabilities and style, formally recognized and verified at the professional level. This allows me to work with my clients, who in turn have the confidence I'm the right photographer for them. I’m a firm believer that its not how expensive the camera, how comprehensive the package, how many weird poses you can conjure up, or for that matter how you describe your style that makes a good photographer. Its understanding and being able to put into practice the principles of photography. Its also having the ability to deal with all kinds people, animals and even mother nature in every sort of situation. Remaining calm and in control is what makes the difference between someone who calls themselves a professional photographer and one who actually is. I don't follow the vogue or trends of 'reportage', 'photojournalism' or 'casual' photographer – I’m first and foremost professional photographer and simply capture the feeling of the moment, something I find my clients value above anything else.