Refuge of the Soul

PhotographerSebastian Castañeda
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryLima, Peru
Photo Dateoctober 2013
Technical InfoDigital byn
Entry Description

Fifty thousand people are mobilized for near Lord Captive, a carved wooden Christ taking off in procession every October in the tiny town of Ayabaca, in the Andes of northern Peru. In fact it is already a miracle that so many people can live together in such a small space, but the Lord is credited Captive performing all impossible: lame walk, heal sick, addicted within days to stop taking drugs. In return, the penitents, as his devotees call themselves, do not hesitate to tear your hands, elbows, knees and bloodied back on the rock and mud cordilleranos an offering in exchange for a miracle. The history dates back to 1751 and picture paints a magical home for believers. Today, facing his old blunt, one understands why Ecuadorians cross the border to see it, and why from overseas Peruvians do return and queues during the morning, and sleep on the street so blessed to be known only by one of her looks.