PhotographerGianluca Pavarini
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryBienno, Italy
Photo DateJuly 2013
Technical Infoportrait on studio
Entry Description

Artists from northen Italy: this projects has the main purpose of giving a face to the artists. Faces are often overshadowed compared to the artistic works, but they are the key to comprehend them thoroughly. Faces, as handworks , are unique and inimitables. Each portrait is featured by its own art, own MATERIA. - Mattia Trotta: Iron wire sculptor; - Daniele Fabiani: Painter; - Modesto Bolzoli: Wood sculptor; - Giampaolo Rigali: Handmade leather objects; - Eros Bontempi: Glass-iron sculptor;

About Photographer

I am professional photographer since 2011. I work for 80% of the daily news, magazines and i love storytelling. In March 2014 I'll be moving to Paris to look for new point of view and new contacts of work.