Entry Title: "Eesti Sepad"
Name: Jun Ishikura , Japan
Category and Expertise: Portrait|Culture|Lifestyle, Professional

Entry Description: I went to Estonia about one and a half years ago. Then my friend who I met by chance there introduced me to one blacksmith. When I got into his workshop, I was fascinated by the place: The place was like another world that I have never seen just like steampunk. Since I met him I have visited to take photographs of blacksmiths twice. When I met them, I felt like I found a part of our culture which we are losing in Japan in a country far away from our country.

About the Artist:

Jun Ishikura is a photographer based in Japan. He captures a variety of sceneries through his camera lens – mostly everyday people and their culture. He researches the subjects to understand their background and history when he takes their photographs.