Eesti Sepad

PhotographerJun Ishikura
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryYokohama, Japan
Photo Date201401
Entry Description

I went to Estonia about one and a half years ago. Then my friend who I met by chance there introduced me to one blacksmith. When I got into his workshop, I was fascinated by the place: The place was like another world that I have never seen just like steampunk. Since I met him I have visited to take photographs of blacksmiths twice. When I met them, I felt like I found a part of our culture which we are losing in Japan in a country far away from our country.

About Photographer

Jun Ishikura is a photographer based in Yokohama Japan. His photographs have no boundaries as he captures varieties of scenes in life and creations. His interests are of where human species come from and will go in the future. He focuses on occupation, community, technology, and conceptual culture. His perspective variety is unpredictable, as none of his projects are alike. His work changes from project to project but fascinating enough, his root concept remains the same. His artworks are not only documentary, but at times physically created by himself.