Coney Island Polar Bears

PhotographerKen Hamm
Entry Description

The 5 images submitted here are from my NYC street photography documentary series, ALL THE LONELY PEOPLE. These images are from a day I spent swimming with the Coney Island Polar Bears. A water-level POV, fast shutter speeds, magical shafts of mid-day winter sun, foreboding clouds, and the extreme emotions of the defiantly frozen subject matter successfully convey the baptismal mystique of this weekly winter ritual. I employed a wide tonal range (mostly in the darker end of the spectrum) with deep blacks and specular highlights to convey a sense of the bitter cold environment and the incredible warmth of this strange and beautiful sub-culture of NYC.

About Photographer

Ken Hamm is an international award-winning feature film, television and commercial writer, producer, director and photographer. Hamm has led or collaborated with several of the world’s top creative talent in film, television and advertising. His street photography work first appeared in his 'All The Lonely People' photo blog, where it has gained thousands of followers and has recently earned its first gallery exhibit. Hamm lives in NYC with his wife and two children.