Matterhorn, The heart of Switzerland

PhotographerIvan Friedman
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/Countryle mont sur lausanne, Switzerland
Photo Dateoctober 2013
Technical InfoShot on Red Epic Cinema Camera
Entry Description

The Matterhorn, one of the highest Mountain in the Swiss Alps during a storm.

About Photographer

Ivan Maria Friedman is a graduate of the High School of Music in Lausanne where, for eleven years, he followed the teachings of the eminent Japanese artist Kei Koito. Passionate about ancient music, he devoted himself to studying it's interpretation and produced several recordings of German composer Johann Sebastian Bach's major works. In parallel, his experience in the musical world serves him as a basis for experimenting with different forms of artistic expression. In particular he looks closely at the existing reciprocal influences between sound and image and their involvement in cognitive processes. From 2010, he creates several cinematographic essays on this topic. Multidisciplinary researcher, his approach to film-making is holistic and perfectionist, especially in the field of image technique as well as in sound rendering. His work is oriented towards the search for pure aesthetics, and fits into an exploration of human feelings. In 2013, Ivan Maria Friedman founded Maya Pictures to give substance to his cinematographic work as well as to provide high quality services in the audiovisual scene.