Tea time

PhotographerViviana Cardona
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyViviana Cardona
City/CountryAguascalientes, Mexico
Photo DateJanuary 28
Technical InfoLens 24-70mm nikon camera d800
Entry Description

I made this action shot while I was trying to photograph the life of one of my best friends, the little girl started to pain her mouth with lipstick, my friend did not care and she was reading, I though that was a cool picture to make and it was indeed.

About Photographer

My name is Viviana Cardona, I was born on June 26 1988 in a place called Aguascalientes, my favorite number is 8 (flipped represents infinity). My first dream was to catch a cloud while I was on the seat of a plane on my way to Disneyland, I remember asking my dad to open the window and let me take a piece home. Second dream was when I touched a microphone, after days I wanted to become a singer. I just sang at my friends graduations, weddings and family reunions nothing more, but the truth is that I did not try, my mother always said "I order for you to become an artist you need to have a degree". Third and strongest dream began three years ago (2010) when I was about to publish my own fashion magazine at my hometown Aguascalientes when I realized I had no photographer to take the cover pictures, and that is how I decided to take my first "editorial" shots, I made them with a NIKON D5000 having no idea of what I was doing. I understood the connection I have with photography and since then I can not leave it, I need photography to live .... yes, that intense is the love and respect I have for my work. Today after finally pursued my third dream, I am proud of having graduated in the top 10 of the class 2012 of one of the best institutes of photography "Hallmark Institute of Photography" getting a "Portfolio Award of Excellence". infinitely grateful to have been student of one of the best portrait photographers, Gregory Heisler. I keep pursuing and perfecting this dream, thanks for reading me.