Photographervicente paredes
PrizeHonorable Mention
Companyvicente paredes
City/Countrybilbao, Spain
Photo Datediciembre 2012
Entry Description

When Bilbao became an industrial city, thousands of people came swarming in from the countryside looking for jobs in factories. From one day to the next they had to metamorphose into an urban working class, but a mandate had been written in fire within their souls generations before: thou shalt plough the soil, thou shalt water it and ward off weeds. They were country people, just like those who lived here: the only difference being that they couldn´t take their land along with them. Precarious squatters, they soon learnt what the key to survival was: never to be detected.

About Photographer

Vicente Paredes Gil was born in Orihuela (Spain) in 1972. He graduated in journalism in 1995 at the University of the Basque Country, and the following year studied photography at Westminster College in London. He lives in Bilbao where he works as a freelance photographer. He works for many companies like El naturalista, Fagor, … His last book published have been "Furtivos”, where he tells about those behaviours that are written into our own DNA.