20 Years at Walt Disney

PhotographerMo Zhuang Ze
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountrySingapore, Singapore
Photo Date2012
Technical InfoShooting on expired negatives
Entry Description

When the roll of Kodak Ektar 25 I used in this project expired in December of 1992, construction of the underground parking garage at Walt Disney Concert Hall had just begun. Exactly 20 years later, in the winter of 2012, I took the same roll of negatives to photograph the Concert Hall. Due to the very low film speed and good storage of the negative, there was hardly any deterioration to the film and the outcome of the pictures were able to reflect the sublimeness of Frank Gehry’s most famous architecture.

About Photographer

Mo, born in Singapore graduated from Temasek Polytechnic School of Design. Mo grew up studying the piano with his mother and bonsai cultivation from his father, whose lifeworks are housed at the Shanghai Botanical Garden. Mo has exhibited both nationally and internationally, including the first solo bonsai art & photography exhibition in Singapore which featured 50 life-size works based on his family’s bonsai spanning over six decades. Influenced by his upbringing, Mo devotes his time exploring the structure and history of both horticulture and classical music, inevitably most of his artworks are a fusion of both subjects. Besides his music and horticulture works, Mo has also received numerous awards in the genre of self portrait & architecture at the International Photography Awards, Nikon Africa Photography Awards, Singapore Young Photographers Awards, Maine Media Contest etc. Mo photographs primarily on the long-discontinued Kodak Ektar 25 after obtaining a few hundred rolls many years back. Mo’s works can be seen at www.mozhuangze.com.