HIDDEN FEELINGS - People of the Secret State

PhotographerMo Zhuang Ze
Entry Description

North Korea, a country often referred to as the hermit kingdom, is the most censored place in the world. Nobody knows exactly what the commoners think and feel as there is hardly any chance of communication with them due to the many watchful eyes. The North Korea State Circus entertains thousands of visitors a year in the capital Pyongyang, and although they were primed to execute a flawless performance, there is always constant hint of fear in their eyes, perhaps the punishment for making any mistakes is quite harsh. By inverting the tone of these images, I intent to use it as a metaphor to divulge into the hidden feelings of the people from this secret State.

About Photographer

Mo, born in Singapore graduated from Temasek Polytechnic School of Design. Mo grew up studying the piano with his mother and bonsai cultivation from his father, whose lifeworks are housed at the Shanghai Botanical Garden. Mo has exhibited both nationally and internationally, including the first solo bonsai art & photography exhibition in Singapore which featured 50 life-size works based on his family’s bonsai spanning over six decades. Influenced by his upbringing, Mo devotes his time exploring the structure and history of both horticulture and classical music, inevitably most of his artworks are a fusion of both subjects. Besides his music and horticulture works, Mo has also received numerous awards in the genre of self portrait & architecture at the International Photography Awards, Nikon Africa Photography Awards, Singapore Young Photographers Awards, Maine Media Contest etc. Mo photographs primarily on the long-discontinued Kodak Ektar 25 after obtaining a few hundred rolls many years back. Mo’s works can be seen at www.mozhuangze.com.