Entry Title: "Teletransportation"
Name: Fernanda AL-Ram , Brazil
Category and Expertise: Deeper Perspective, Professional

Entry Description: Each picture blends time into space, as if we could skip space in time while being teleported.

Story: Thats what we saw when they teleported us from Rio to NiterĂ³i. At the back of each photo, are my personal notes. 1- Route, 2- Origin, 3-Target, 4- Boarding, 5- Travelling, 6-Inside View, 7-Outside View, 8- Transpassing, 9-Disruption, 99- Blast.

About the Artist:

In 1998 started experimenting with digital photo animation. I Worked as photo motion designer for film, tv and music until about 2005 . In 2005 I started to make time-lapse films for construction projects, and thats what I do for living. I have been looking for new ways of experimentation. These are the resulting images at this time.