CompanyJugular Filmes
PhotographerFernanda AL-Ram
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

Each picture blends time into space, as if we could skip space in time while being teleported.


Thats what we saw when they teleported us from Rio to NiterĂ³i. At the back of each photo, are my personal notes. 1- Route, 2- Origin, 3-Target, 4- Boarding, 5- Travelling, 6-Inside View, 7-Outside View, 8- Transpassing, 9-Disruption, 99- Blast.

About Photographer

In 1998 started experimenting with digital photo animation. I Worked as photo motion designer for film, tv and music until about 2005 . In 2005 I started to make time-lapse films for construction projects, and thats what I do for living. I have been looking for new ways of experimentation. These are the resulting images at this time.