PhotographerJan Pypers
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyJan Pypers Photography
City/CountryWesterlo, Belgium
Photo Datemarch 27, 2014
Entry Description

Burnout add campaign

About Photographer

The photographic work of Jan Pypers is often described as spacious and cinematic. Even though his background in film, he focuses more on creating an atmosphere than trying to tell a story. The realistic feel in his pictures is always slightly twisted. Jan experiments with various styles (especially staged photography), combining photography with other digital techniques. He often uses scale models and self made filmsets to create new worlds. His latest work, NIGHTGARDENERS, is about people who are gardening at night or doing something else they are not supposed to do: a metaphor, telling about loneliness, alienantion, happiness, dreams and our lost connection with nature.