PhotographerMaria Pleshkova
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryMoscow, Russian Federation
Photo Date2013-2014
Entry Description

“Inside” is a series of surrealistic self-portraits. A woman's body is supposed to be beautiful. Nudes have always been a pretty and attractive thing. People I love usually love my body. It is nice, it can be regarded as a sexual object. But it is not the person I am, actually. That’s why one day I began to hate my physical self. I wanted to crush it up. For this series, I used my own body as a clay. I didn’t aim to depict my physical appearance but I wanted to show my inner world in a graphic manner.

About Photographer

Born in 1986 in Moscow, Russia, Maria Pleshkova has been photographing since 2010. She studied Photojournalism at Moscow State University and School of Visual Arts (Moscow). In 2012 she participated in the Eddie Adams Workshop. In a relatively short amount of time, Pleshkova’s work has been widely published and exhibited. She has won several international photography awards including China Press Photo Contest and Young Russian Photographers Contest, and became a finalist of the Inge Morath Award and the International Photography Awards. Her work was shown at several international festivals including Seville European Film Festival (Seville, Spain), Photography Open Salon (Arles, France), Circulaion(s) Festival of young European photography (Paris, France), La Quatrième Image Photo Fair (Paris, France). Maria Pleshkova works on the border between art and documentary photography, bringing a deep and unique approach.