Not Under My Skin

CompanyGiovanni Troilo
PhotographerGiovanni Troilo
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

Not Under My Skin is a literal translation of the Italian idiomatic expression "Non sulla mia pelle", the correct expression in French is "Pas sur ma peau", in English "I don't want to experience it first hand". The photo is a social campaign about the labour exploitation in craftsmanship.

About Photographer

Giovanni Troilo moves through the worlds of publishing, cinema, television and advertising. He started shooting as a teenager. In almost 15 years he has collected important collaborations with Rai, La7, Cult, History Channel, D La Repubblica delle Donne, Wired, Ventiquattro, Gq, Urban Magazine, Wall Paper; Saatchi&Saatchi, Publicis, McCann; Nike, Saab, Breil, NatGeo, Legambiente, Alessi, Cgil, Canal Jimmy, Redbull. He directed his first feature film in 2011, Fan Pio; he directed also several adv spots, videoclips and a series of Interstitials for History Channel which won Promax New York 2009 and Promax Europe 2009. He was director of photography for Il Primo Incarico a film with Isabella Ragonese in competition at 67 Mostra del Cinema di Venezia, for several documentaries produced by Rai, La7, Cult, History Channel, and also videoclips, short films. Giovanni Troilo was born in Putignano (Italy) 33 years ago; he graduated with honors in Economics with a degree in Geography of Development, and since he was born and still lives in a developing country, he believes the degree is still fairly current. A gallery of his works at